The Importance of Green Plumbing

The Importance of Green Plumbing

Feb 26, 2011

Limited Resources

Water conservation is at the heart of green plumbing design. Water resources in many parts of America, where water is plentiful, are taken for granted. Of all the water on our planet less than 2.5 percent is fresh water and only 0.3 percent is available and obtainable for our use in the form of rivers and lakes. Reducing the use of potable water in buildings, which currently account for 12 percent of the use of fresh water, will save billions of gallons of water each year.

Reducing Use will Reduce Our Need

The design of a building’s plumbing or hydrologic system is an integral part of constructing a sustainable or green building. Green plumbing systems work to maximize efficiency and thus reduce the amount of water needed. New green plumbing technology requires much less water, which means less water needs to be treated in water treatment plants.

Green Plumbing Saves Energy

Water that’s not used is water that won’t have to be moved, treated, or heated. Moving potable water from its source to the point of use requires a lot of energy. With the new technology available, we can reduce not only a large amount of the water we use but also the energy required to use it. Capturing and re-using water before it enters the sewer system will not only conserve this resource but reduce the energy needed by sewage treatment facilities. This alone will save billions of dollars in energy and facility costs. Conserving water is more than saving our water supply, it also saves on the energy
and cost needed for water treatment.

Green Creates Jobs

Green Plumbing Technology not only saves our resources but also creates jobs. Creating an energy sustainable society can be achieved while at the same time creating thousands of jobs. Green Plumbing systems are good for the environment, the economy, and everyone who uses them.